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339 Main Rd
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Montville Massage Therapy & Bodywork is dedicated to facilitating therapeutic rehabilitation for clients striving to restore balance to their bodies. Our primary goal is to expedite recovery, whether it stems from sports activities, exercise routines, surgical procedures, work-related strain, or daily activities.

We collaborate with our clients to formulate tailored treatment plans, aiming to enhance their daily lives. Each session with us is designed to improve posture, boost performance, accelerate overall recovery, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Beyond the immediate relaxation benefits of massage, we are committed to helping clients grasp the significance of self-care in their physical well-being.

Our expertise spans various modalities, including Therapeutic Cranial Decompression, Medical Massage, Neural Reset Therapy, Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET), Guided Muscle Therapy, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Cupping Therapy, IASTM (Graston Technique), Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.

At Montville Massage Therapy & Bodywork, we aspire to be your partners in achieving holistic health and well-being.

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