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MLD targets the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the collection and removal of toxins and debris from the body. If this system is compromised, it can result in swelling, discomfort, or a lowered immune response. This technique uses a light pressure, slow movements and pauses to mimic the natural rate of Lymphatic contractions in the body. It's focus is to stimulate the lymph flow and find alternate routes in the event of fluid retention or blockage.


This bodywork is good for: pre-surgery lymph stimulation, post-surgery for quicker healing, swelling caused by medical conditions, or as an immune booster during change of seasons.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Pre & Post Surgery

Pre- Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage-

      MLD is recommended 1-2 weeks pre-op. Starting two weeks before surgery the massage therapist preforms MLD. Each session is 5-7 days apart.  This is highly recommded pre-surgery because it prepares the body for the upcoming trauma.

Post- Surgical Manual Drainage-

    MLD is recommended to start 24 hours after surgery (with the Physicians approval). Each session focuses on helping the body heal.

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